Monday, 14 June 2010

Bloggiesta Finish Line

Phew what a weekend! I'm a bit late posting up this final post because I had two job interviews this morning, but that's another story. Let's see what I achieved this weekend shall we?

-Wrote two reviews - less than I'd planned to do, but it's a step in the right direction.
-Write book-related posts - not done, but I did think of some ideas.
-Get some guest posts - I've now got two blogger interviews ready to use, and one more waiting to come back. The first one will be posted later this week.
-Clean up tags - Epic fail!!
-Read list and review list both brought up to date.
-Tidied the sidebars slightly, still need to find out how to add a favicon. I did it once before, but now I've forgotten how to do it!
-Challenge lists brought up to date.
-Stopped blogger from automatically adding line breaks to all my posts.
-Organised google reader, added folders/tags to each blog I subscribe to.

I only managed one of the mini challenges, and that was the embracing community one. I found 10 blogs that were new to me and left a comment on each of them. And, just because they're awesome, here are the 10 blogs I found and commented on:


  1. Favicon:

    I love my favicon. Much better then the old blogger symbol.

  2. It looks like you got quite a bit done during Bloggiesta. The event was the most fun I've had as a blogger. I am really liking your new theme on your blog too. It's pretty!

    I wanted to let you know that I have a sign-up form posted on my event, Book Read 'Round the World. I know you said you were interested so you can go sign up now. I currently have one other person from England, but I will make sure that you guys don't send to each other.

  3. Excellent job accomplishing things! I wish I'd gotten to that mini-challenge - it looked great.