Review Policy

Information for publishers and authors

Thanks for your interest in my reviews. My reading tastes are quite eclectic, and as a result the blog is not genre-specific. This means that I'm open to most genres of fiction, the only one I'm not very keen on is sci-fi.
I would also be interested in reviewing non-fiction books, especially sociology books or true-crime books. I am currently not accepting ebooks for review as I don't have an ereader and reading them on the PC is just a pain. Please note that I am based in the UK.

Any reviews that I write are also posted on Goodreads. The aim of my blog is to provide my personal views on books that I read, therefore I cannot promise a positive review, but it will be an honest review.

If you are interested in sending me a book to review please send me an email at 26kathryn[at]

When sending a review request it would be helpful if you can include a synopsis of the book, the date of publication and if you have a requirement for when the review should be published.