Thursday, 25 March 2010

New layout (again!)

I've been playing about with my layout. I got bored of the old one, I thought it was looking a bit cluttered, that's why I've gone back to two columns. Plus, purple is my favourite colour.
I've also added an 'about me' page.

I've been doing loads of reading over the last few days (although I really should be working on an essay!). I have quite a few reviews to write now. I'm still not sure that I've really found my 'voice' with my reviews yet. I also find that I tend to be really negative most of the time. Even when I enjoyed a book I still seem to only focus on the negative things. I would like to try and be more positive, but I don't just want my reviews to be "I loved this, I really enjoyed this, I want to marry this book, etc, etc..." I really need to find the balance in between positive and negative.

Anyway, I don't want to ramble on, besides, I have an essay to work on.


  1. It looks nice, I love the purple!

  2. Wow, I've been purpleized! Great layout!

  3. I like the change in layout! Also, I think it's easier to write when you have negative thoughts about a book because you don't mind saying what you didn't like about the book. When you like a book, you don't want to tell people too much about in case they might be disappointed when they read it...anyway, that's kind of how I feel. I also have trouble writing about books that I love. I would much rather just tell people, "You MUST read this!" hehe!

  4. Hi Kat,
    Thank you for following my blog, The Teachers Pets, and I'm sorry I haven't written until now, but I've been a bit busy with all sorts of things! It seems it takes a lot of time out of my day to blog, pet sit, and take care of of the house, etc.
    I do like your new layout and your color choice. I also love polka dots as I have polka dots as a background on my blog as well.
    Good luck finishing your essay!

  5. Your new layout looks good!!! :)