Thursday, 18 March 2010

Decision Most Deadly by Mark Turnbull

Decision Most DeadlySynopsis: Sir Charles Berkeley comes from humble roots, but through a humiliating war with Scotland, he is able to make a name for himself and attract the patronage of the influential Earl of Holland.
Moving to London, his new marriage is soon interrupted by the spiralling events of the 1640's where the struggle between King and Parliament begins to escalate beyond any control.
He struggles to live in the hub of all this discord and during the overlooked, but pivotal year of 1641, he finds himself determined to remain above the fray.
Life will never be the same as the country lurches ever closer to civil war. Sir Charles agonizes over the decision that many of our ancestors would have grappled with - King or Parliament?
Very soon, Sir Charles is thrust into the dispute and is at the forefront of the crisis, experiencing the battle for power from both sides.
My thoughts: The story follows Sir Charles Berkeley as England is quickly heading towards Civil War. Sir Charles must make a tough choice, King or Parliament. He is being pulled each way as he is threatened and forced to participate in secret plots. But eventually he makes the decision for himself.
I loved the rivalry between Sir Charles and his enemy Sir Arthur Cotton, who kept showing up and causing problems.
I also thought that the conflict between Charles and his good friend James added an extra dimension and really showed how personal the decision between King and Parliament became.

I really enjoyed reading this book. I haven’t read anything set in this period before so I was learning new things along the way too. I would recommend this book for anyone who loves British historical fiction.

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