Saturday, 1 May 2010

Monthly Round-Up April 2010

I haven't been blogging much in April, firstly I was having a few internet connection problems, secondly I've been catching up on a lot of reading. But I'm back now and have a whole heap of reviews to be posted through May.

I've slightly changed the format for my monthly round-up posts because before I was only listing books that I'd reviewed but from now on I'm also going to list everything I've read in the past month.

Books read in April:
Maggie and Other Stories by Stephen Crane
Touching The Sky by Susan Madison
I Like It Like That by Claire Calman
A Catch of Consequence by Diana Norman
Hamlet by William Shakespeare
Death in the Stocks by Georgette Heyer
A Step Too Far by Meg Hutchinson
Crazy In Love by Chrissie Manby
The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters
The Nation's Favourite Twentieth Century Poems
True Stories About Cats and Dogs by Eliza Lee Follen
The Cockatoo's Story by Anne Jane Cupples
Total books read: 12
Books reviewed in April:
Hamlet by William Shakespeare
Divas Don't Knit by Gil McNeil
By Royal Command by Mary Hooper
The Cradle Snatcher by Tess Stimson
Total books reviewed: 4
My favourite book this month was The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters. I seriously could not put this book down until I'd finished it.
April Blog News
As I wasn't blogging much this month there isn't really any news. Although I did get some more blog awards.
What's coming in May?
Well, as you'll see if you look at what I've read this year, I have a huge backlog of reviews to catch up on. I have a few that are written and ready to post, but a lot of them are still in note form and need to be written properly.  


  1. Im glad you liked the little stranger, Ive read some quite mixed reviews but I love a good spooky story so am hoping I like it when I eventually get round to reading it.

  2. Shakespeare!
    Hamlet is an amazing book- hope you enjoyed it! Reading your review of it now.......
    Ria xx