Sunday, 25 July 2010

In My Mailbox 9

I've been terrible at updating this month! Since starting my new job it's like I've had no time to do anything. Well, I have had time, it just seems like I haven't because there's always so much to do.
I haven't bought many new books lately, which is unusual for me. I've only bought 1 book so far this month, usually I buy at least 10 a month! This week I bought this book from a charity shop, it sounded like a fun summer read.

The Wag's Diary (WAGs Diary, #1)The Wag's Diary by Alison Kervin

Tracie Martin is Luton Town's longest-serving WAG. For 12 years, team captain husband Dean has kept her in acrylic nails, UGG boots and Juicy Couture.
But with the start of the football season looming, there's a new breed of WAGs at LTFC who aren't quite playing by the rules. Standards are slipping and Wagdom is in crisis! To add insult to injury, Tracie's daughter Paskia-Rose is more interested in the offside rule than shopping.
What is a WAG to do?
Tracie decides to end this improper conduct by writing the ultimate guide to life for wannabe WAGs. Overnight, she finds herself propelled into the limelight, achieving the A-list status she has craved for so long. From Old Trafford to Baden-Baden, she's the talk of the town. But will fame and fortune bring Tracie more than she bargains for?
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