Saturday, 9 January 2010

Morgan's Woman by Iris Gower

Morgan's WomanSynopsis from back cover: The story of Catherine Preece, trying to run a harsh hill farm and support a husband crippled and embittered by the war. Catherine Preece - young, courageous, lonely, and desperate for love.
My thoughts: This story was quite good, although it is desperately sad in places. It’s mainly about Catherine Preece, who is running a farm in Wales. Her husband, David, was badly injured in the war and is paralysed from the waist down. Catherine is struggling to manage all the work on her own, so when David’s old army friend Morgan turns up, David offers him a job on the farm.
As the story goes on, David starts to feel more and more sorry for himself as he sees Morgan doing jobs that David used to do. Also Catherine gradually realises that she is falling in love with Morgan.

The book also shows us people in the town of Sweyn’s Eye. There is Mary who is trying to get back her husband, Brandon. There’s Gina and Billy, who won’t admit their love for each other. There’s Rhian, whose husband has moved to Yorkshire while she stays behind to nurse her sick friend Carrie. There’s Katie and Mark who move to France to find work. As well as many more characters. At first when the story jumps to different characters it is confusing, but as the story goes on the characters all become intertwined with each other, and we learn that they are all connected to each other somehow.

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