Friday, 15 January 2010

Lily by Adele Geras

Lily - QUICK READ (Quick Reads)Synopsis from back cover: "My name is Marie Cotter and I want you to believe me. Every word of this story is true..." Seventeen-year-old Marie has had a lot to cope with in her young life. Now she is recovering, and gets a job working for the widower, Dr Slade, looking after his four-year-old daughter, Amy. At first, her new job seems perfect. Marie loves Amy, and Amy seems to like Marie, too. But, not long after arriving at Bowdon House, things start to change. It seems that not everyone is happy with the new situation... There appears to be someone else in the house - someone who is determined to come between Amy and Marie...
My thoughts: This story is told from Marie's point of view. Marie is a teenage girl who is haunted by two ghosts in this story. The first ghost is Zoe, the baby that Marie miscarried. Understandably, her psychiatrist doesn't believe her when she says she's seen Zoe, and the doctor basically tells her that it's all in her head.
Later on, Marie is offered a job as a nanny to look after her psychiatrist's daughter, Amy. This is where things start to get quite spooky. Amy is convinced that her dead mum speaks to her through an old mobile phone.

I enjoyed this story, I just wish it had been longer. It was a very quick read, and although you do get sucked in to the story, the ending seemed to lack something.


  1. I've never heard of this book, but it sounds interesting, spooky even.

  2. This one sounds interesting, I do enjoy good ghost stories and I don't mind if they are a bit short.