Thursday, 31 December 2009

The Hellbound Heart by Clive Barker

The Hellbound Heart
Synopsis: At last he had solved the puzzle of Lemarchand's box. He was standing on the threshold of a world of heightened sensations. In moments the Cenobites - who had dedicated an eternity to the pursuit of sensuality - would be here. They would reveal dark secrets that would transform him forever.
A story of the human heart and all the great terrors and ecstasies within.
My Thoughts: This book was the inspiration for the film 'Hellraiser', so if you've seen the film this book would make an interesting read. I read this as an ebook and I finished it very quickly as it was very fast paced. There is a lot of action and quite a few gory scenes in the story. But because the book is short I didn't get to learn much about the characters, which meant that I didn't really care whether they lived or died.
As the story neared its end I guessed what was going to happen, which was a shame because I like surprises. Other than the ending, the plot of the story is very imaginative, I just wish there had been a bit more background about the Cenobites and their world.
This is the second Clive Barker book I've read and personally I much preferred Coldheart Canyon to this.

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