Sunday, 14 November 2010

In My Mailbox 22

Just one book again this week. This one is recommended reading for the course that I'm doing and I must admit it does sound quite interesting.
I received this from, it came from Germany which is a change because most of my books just come from elsewhere in the UK.

The Jungle by Upton Sinclair (I think it's funny that the author's first name is the name of the town where I live)
In this powerful book we enter the world of Jurgis Rudkus, a young Lithuanian immigrant who arrives in America filled with dreams of wealth, freedom, and opportunity. And we discover, with him, the astonishing truth about "Packingtown," the busy, flourishing, filthy Chicago stockyards, where new world visions perish in a jungle of human suffering. Upton Sinclair, master of the "muckraking" novel, here explores the workingman's lot at the turn of the century: the backbreaking labour, the injustices of "wage-slavery," the bewildering chaos of urban life.
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  1. The same name. That's cool. Is there any possible connection!!

    Enjoy your reads!!

  2. That is neat! Happy reading this week! If you get time, come see what I got this week!

  3. I read The Jungle in high school and quite liked it, up until the very end. I'd recommend skipping the last 30-50 pages. They have nothing to do with the plot (even my teacher let us skip them.)
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  4. That does sound good! And the same name...funny! My IMM is here:

  5. A great selection of books! They all seem to be great. Happy reading :)
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    Mia @GrippedintoBooks

  6. Happy reading the week :) Don't you love when things like that happen?

    You can find my mailbox at The Bookish Snob

  7. I like the old photo on the front if you book. I love looking at old photos. Enjoy your reading!

  8. Happy reading!
    If you want to know what I got in my mailbox this week, check out my blog here-
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  9. Your book sounds interesting. I hope you enjoy reading it: I know how even good books can be horrible to read when you have to.
    Thanks for sharing your mailbox :)

  10. I loved The Jungle! Hope you enjoy it as well.

  11. hi fellow blogger! new to your blog here. would love if you could return the favor and follow my blog as well. got some awesome giveaways going on!