Sunday, 17 October 2010

In My Mailbox 19

I received two books for review this week. I'm really looking forward to both of these.

Alpha by Rachel Vincent - Everything is about to change for werecat Faythe when her father is ousted from the council that controls their secret world. And a shocking tragedy jeopardises her future as Alpha of the pride.
Now a rebel on the run, Faythe's biggest fight lies ahead. Old allies from the supernatural world are ready to stand by her side. And weretoms Marc and Jace would give their very souls in the duel for Faythe's heart...
Yet as their enemies draw near Faythe knows that she - and she alone - can lead the pride into what may be their final battle.

The Tapestry of Love by Rosy Thornton - A rural idyll: that's what Catherine is seeking when she sells her house in England and moves to a tiny hamlet in the CĂ©vennes mountains. With her divorce in the past and her children grown, she is free to make a new start, and to set up in business as a seamstress. But this is a harsh and lonely place when you're no longer here on holiday. There is French bureaucracy to contend with, not to mention the mountain weather, and the reserve of her neighbours, including the intriguing Patrick Castagnol. And that's before the arrival of Catherine's sister, Bryony...

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  1. Wow what different books. You really are diverse :D Enjoy

  2. The tapestry of Love sounds like a good read. I will have to look into that one.

  3. i need to get caught up with the werecats series!

  4. Alpha looks so good! Can't wait to read it! My IMM is here:

  5. I'm a new follower :-) Both of these sound interesting! Happy reading!

    Come see what's in my mailbox