Sunday, 5 September 2010

In My Mailbox 14

It was quite a quiet week for books this week. I only got one which I mooched from

The Ghosts of Sleath I have read this before when I was 16, but I fancied reading it again.

Also I got my course books for my next course which is starting in October. Please excuse the terrible photo, the camera batteries were about to die so I was hurrying!

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  1. The Ghosts of Sleath must a good one if you are going to reread it!=) Enjoy the next round and I hope the start of your new course goes wells!!

    Happy Reading.
    HEre is my IMM:

  2. Good luck with your's hard to balance reading for school and reading for glad I'm done with school. Good luck!

  3. UG, homework books. The last time I bought mine all I could think of was how many great new titles I could buy with the $250 spent on textbooks.

    Your blog is so pretty. Happy REading.

  4. Are those OU books? I'm studying with the OU as well. How are you finding it? (I'm doing a degree in psychology and in my third year)

  5. Thanks everyone :)

    Clover, yes they're OU books. I'm finding it really great so far, it's really good that I can fit it around my job.