Sunday, 8 August 2010

In My Mailbox 11

I told my boyfriend I wasn't going to buy any books this month, but these were in a sale at 49p each, how could I resist?

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  1. Ooh Exurbia sounds fab :)
    have a lovely Sunday!
    x Caroline

  2. I understand! No reader could pass up a sale that good! My mailboxes are here and here. Happy reading!

  3. Great sale, I wouldn't be able to pass it up either.. =) Hope you enjoy all your books!

    Please stop by and check out my mailbox! =)

  4. 49p is just too good to pass up! enjoy your books x

  5. Oh, no. There was NO WAY you could pass those up! And I never make promises about not buying books! :)

  6. Absolutely right! 49p is close to nothing, so no need to feel guilty about that. In fact, I should congratulate you on finding books that cheap. Well done!