Saturday, 10 April 2010

Blog Awards

Park Benches & Bookends were kind enough to pass these awards on to me.

For the Honest Scrap one I have to post 10 facts about myself, so here we go:
  1. For the whole of my teenage years the only books I read were the ones assigned for school. My mum had thrown away all my books when we moved house, and I didn't get back into reading again until I was 20 and lived in my own place.
  2. I started a college course in English Literature and hated it so much that I quit. I don't like to spend hours and hours analysing, I prefer to just read and enjoy.
  3. My two favourite foods are chocolate and pizza, so I once made a chocolate pizza.
  4. I have the craziest dreams.
  5. I never used to like hot drinks like tea and coffee, now I drink them all the time.
  6. I love homemade lemonade, and I love the way it makes my kitchen smell of lemons when I make it.
  7. I love doing laundry.
  8. I can have 10 pens on the desk and still not find one when I need one.
  9. I love cereal and eat it all times of the day (and sometimes at night...)
  10. I hate tomatoes. I mean really hate them.
I'm supposed to pass these awards on to ten bloggers, but I can't choose who to give them to, so I'd like to give them to everyone. There are so many great blogs out there!

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